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Billy Monkley Cascade

  Creek:  Hannon Creek Creek

  Curtain / Cascade / Terraced

  Height:  10 feet / 3 metres

  Width:  21 feet / 6.4 metres

  Coordinates:  43.1904 N / 79.8304 W

Access Information:
(i) Time - 10 minutes
(ii) Distance - 975 feet / 325 meters
(iii) Accessibility - "M"
(Easy, Moderate, Difficult)

Ownership:  City of Hamilton
Property:  1277 Rymal Road East
Flow of Water:  Year Round
Facilities:  Parking
Other Attractions Nearby:  Convenience Store, Felker's Falls CA, King's Forest Golf Course, Mohawk Sports Park, Glendale Golf Course, Escarpment Rail Trail, Battlefield House Museum

Directions from Hwy 403:  From Hwy 403 take the Lincoln Alexander Parkway exit to Dartnall Rd. and head south past Stone Church Road. Turn left into the Billy Monkley Bird Sanctuary parking lot. Follow the trail at the south east end of the parking lot. Where the trail turns east (left) and downhill, look for a narrow path or listen for the waterfall, then take the trail to the creek and waterfall.

ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area):   N/A

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